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Puffs Character Synopsis

Some, if not most, of the characters are double, triple, and tetra cast among a smaller number of actors.


Wayne Hopkins: A boy who grew up believing he was special, but realizes that no matter what he does, he isn’t seen as a main character. A hero in his own right.

Oliver Rivers: Not a talented magician, but a truly gifted “math-a-magician”. He never seems to do anything right in this new and magical world, except get the girl of course.

Megan Jones: The girl of the trio. She wants to follow in the footsteps of her evil mother but realizes that maybe her friends are better role models.

Narrator: Our magical guide through the tale, and a scholarly fellow.

Ernie Mac: An enthusiastic student who’s practically the best.

Hannah: A shy a quite pathetic girl who gets bullied quite often.

J. Finch Fletchley: A student who always refers to themselves in the third person. May or may not be real.

Leanne: The wacky one of the lot, and who is super energetic. Those are the only two consistent aspects of her character.

Sally Perks: Sally is legally blind and needs her glasses desperately. It seems a shame that people only hang around her when she takes them off…odd.

Susie Bones: An orphan who lives with her aunt, Susie’s family were all targeted by evil magic users. Hopefully she can keep her composure.

Cedric: The coolest guy around. A great mentor and friend. I sure hope nothing bad happens to him.

Uncle Dave: Wayne’s uncle. He raises Wayne in Cattlepoke Springs, New Mexico. He and Wayne don’t talk much, but things seemed to have worked out fine.

A Very Tall Man: Some might call him giant, but not us. He may or may not care for magical creatures.

First Headmaster: A kind and gentle old man who favors a certain house over the others.

Professor McG: A strict old lady who can transform into a cat.

Seamus: A kid who has a knack for blowing things up.

Anthony: A smart kid. That’s it.

Goyle: He’s not so bright. A mild nuisance.

Hermeoone: A very bright girl, who is also played by a wig sometimes.

Hermeoone #2: A side effect of time travel shenanigans.

Hermeoone #3: Ditto the previous one.

Harry: A certain boy, who just so happens to also be a wizard, who always seems to get into fun and dangerous adventures with his friends.

A Certain Potions Teacher: A clearly annoyed and antagonistic man, but with a secret sympathetic past.

Professor Turban: A p-p-p-poor, st-st-st-stuttering professor who is definitely hiding something.

Professor Sprouty: A kind and helpful teacher who may value plants over her students.

Blondo Malfoy: A spoiled brat who is a real meanie-head.

A Fat Friar: A friendly ghost who is sensitive about the name people keep calling him.

Ghost History Teach: Another ghost, but this one teaches, would you believe it, history.

Colin: A kid with a camera.

Professor Locky: An arrogant and self-centered teacher whose favorite color is lilac.

Mr. Nick: Yet another ghost.

Ginny: Wayne’s crush, though she may already have other plans.

Clumsy Longbottom: A bumbling goof.

Professor Lanny: A kooky woman who can see the future.

Runes Teach: A teacher who teaches about runes.

Professor Babble: A teacher of all things normal world.

Second Headmaster: A harsher old man who is totally the same as the first headmaster.

Helga: A caring witch who lost her cup.

Rowena: A very smart witch.

Ric Gryff: A totally rad and brave wizard, with a sword.

Sal: A wizard who’s kinda racist.

Frenchy: A girl who is very French.

Viktor: A tough brute who is quite intimidating.

Real Mr. Moody: A grouchy and cynical man with a large eye, and who is totally not an imposter.

Rita Scooter: A diva of a columnist.

Mr. Bagman: The master of ceremonies. Akin to a sportscaster.

The Dragon: A mean ol’ bully. Akin to a showboating wrestler.

Myrtle: A ghost girl who cries a lot, and is desperately lonely.

Mister Voldy: The big bad of the story. Real nasty, and a flare for the dramatics.

Xavia Jones: Megan’s mother. She acts all evil and cruel, but inside, she’s a real softy.

Zach Smith: The biggest jerk. No one is safe from his ruthless ridicule, not even you.

Bippy: A magical little elf who would die for her masters.

Scorpy: Blondo Malfoy’s son.

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